Located on Lake Ontario with access to key waterways, including the Salmon and Oswego rivers and Oneida Lake, Oswego County has played a strategic role in the growth of the United States for nearly four centuries. Oswego County—and The City of Oswego, in particular—helped shape the course of the War of 1812, was an important site along the Underground Railroad, and contributed to the success of the Erie Canal during the 19th century. Evidence of the area’s rich past may be found in its many stately buildings, cemeteries, bridges, canal locks, and railroad structures.

Education thru Exploration Experiences

Become familiarized with the City of Oswego on one of our Guided Historical Expeditions. Year-round guided tours throughout the Oswego County are customized by points of interest such as Native American, Colonial, Early American, Military, Industrial and Shipping, Maritime and Canal History and the Underground Railroad.

Guided Walking Tours - 90 minutes

Relive Oswego’s rich history by way of our guided walking tours. This expedition leads you throughout The City of Oswego for an education thru exploration experience. After your 90 minute tour you will be left with a broad knowledge and appreciation on the importance of Oswego in local, national and international history.

Passport to History Biking Tour - 2 hours

Enjoy a leisurely bicycle ride along the shores of Lake Ontario and the Linear Riverwalks on the Oswego River. Follow your guide throughout the downtown district and around the grounds of Historic Fort Ontario. Tour several museums of interest located along the route.

Kayak the Oswego Canal Tour - 3-4 hours

Paddle the flat waters of the Oswego River with an opportunity to explore old stone canals and other historical remnants that are available only by boats. Travel through one or more of the locks located on the Oswego Canal, under the safety and supervision of one of our guides.